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Council on Foreign Relations (USA) and Publications

About Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.


Activities of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The Think Tank

    * The David Rockefeller Studies Program—CFR's think tank—is composed of more than fifty full-time and adjunct fellows who cover the major regions and significant issues shaping today's international agenda.
    * The Studies Program is organized into twelve program areas and centers that focus on major geographical areas of the world or significant foreign policy issues, including the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies, the Center for Preventive Action, and the International Institutions and Global Governance program.

Contributing to the Public Debate

    * Access to CFR's high-level discussions—with world leaders, U.S. government officials, CEOs, policy analysts, and others— made available to public through videos, audio recordings, and unedited transcripts.
    * Outreach initiatives: educators and students; religious and congregational leaders; state and local officials; and nonprofit, civic, and community leaders.
    * The Washington Program that engages decision-makers in Congress, the executive branch, and the diplomatic community.
    * The bimonthly Foreign Affairs publication. Its website,, publishes original daily features and hosts an archive going back to 1961.
    * CFR's website: publishes backgrounders, interviews, "first-take" analysis, expert blogs, and a variety of multimedia offerings that include videos, podcasts, interactive timelines, and the Emmy-winning Crisis Guide series. The site also presents the work of CFR's Think Tank, including books, reports, congressional testimony, and op-eds, as well as audio, video, and transcripts of CFR events. Each weekday morning, the Daily News Brief delivers subscribers an authoritative digest of global news and analysis compiled by's editors.


Another Challenge to US - Pakistan Ties
21 July 2011

India's Catastrophic Landscape
Jessica Seddon, Director, IFMR Chennai
March 2011


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